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May 18 2024
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEAD START - post your b'day wishes!
🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEAD START - the past 59 years, Head Start has grown from an 8-week summer session to a comprehensive program in all 50 states & territories! - Read more
May 17 2024
READ ME: an open Letter about the Future of Head Start
These signatures to President Biden are more than just names on a page; they represent a resounding, collective voice speaking out for the future of our children and the vital importance of Head Start... Read more
May 17 2024
It's FAMILY FRIDAY during this Head Start Happy Birthday Week!
Today's theme is *FAMILY FRIDAY* - Highlight the importance of family engagement to help celebrate Head Start's 59th Birthday. Share resources and tips for parents to support their child's learning and... Read more



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Coming this November 2024!

Save the date for the upcoming Region V Head Start Association Conference. This event happens every other year for our Head Start/Early Head Start community in Region V.


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Did you know that IHSA has a simple yet powerful tool to understand and support Head Start programs across Illinois? The Illinois Head Start Data Dashboard is a user-friendly tool designed to share key information about Head Start and Early Head Start programs across the state. Its main goal is to make data understandable and accessible to everyone who needs it.  The data on the dashboard updates quarterly. You can learn more by going to the DATA DASHBOARD PAGE.