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Wage & Benefit Database (Members only)

The IHSA Shared Wage & Benefit Database - it's a free Member service!

BEGIN by inputting your agency‘s Wage & Benefit data onto 
our current IHSA worksheet (an Excel spreadsheet).
(Only our current worksheet may be uploaded by IHSA) 
Then, simply email your worksheet to

Has your agency begun to participate yet? 
Access to this Support Service helps your agency with compliance of the federal mandate.
Complete the fill-ins, but do not adjust anything pre-set within that worksheet form; 
(otherwise, IHSA will be unable to upload your full data worksheet). 
 As MORE agencies participate, you will find even MORE data for quality annual reports! 

Having your Grantee Agency's most current data serves to maintain the most VALUE of this free member benefit for all IHSA Members across the state.

Access your member-shared database via the MEMBERS ONLY log-in area of our homepage.
Simply go to file archive to select it.  It populates as a Microsoft Access file
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