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Parent Ambassadorship Program

Pictured above is Nicole Carroll (of SAL Community Services) attending a National Head Start Association event in 2023.  IHSA proudly adds another 'ribbon' to
her name badge .. Super Star Parent!  We are fortunate, as are their children and their individual communities, to have so many Super Star Parents in Illinois! 


Pictured above (from top left, clockwise) Taylon Mitchell (Riverbend HS & Family Services), Alexis Meza (Head Start of McHenry County), Kayla Gonzales (SIU Carbondale HS), Charles Durr (IL Action for Children), Kyle Hubert (2023 PA Manager), Tina Moore (IL Action for Children), Mykela Collins (IL Action for Children), Lauri Morrison-Frichtl (IHSA Executive Director), Diana Gallegos (Carole Robertson Center for Learning), and Nicole Carroll (SAL Community Services). Not pictured in this group photograph is Kendra Dailey (PCCEO).     

The group photo above was taken during the IHSA Annual Conference "There's no place like Head Start" - featuring most of our current Parent Ambassadors!  This unique program has so many opportunities for interested parent leaders who want to develop their resume while learning and engaging in uplifting experiences. 

Interested parents can always speak with their agency's director, &/or reach out to Kyle Hubert, this year's Parent Ambassador Manager
IHSA recruits on an annual basis (approximately eight to ten parents).  So, let other parents know now about our next Parent Ambassador Program!  Click this link to hear Kyle's important message. 

Hello to my fellow Head Start Colleagues. My name is Kyle Hubert and I'm the current Parent Ambassador Program Manager, and a former Head Start Parent. NOW more than ever we need your help in finding and securing a robust cohort of passionate parents who want to get their voices heard and have something to say, as it relates to Head Start and their children. Parents are a crucial component to Head Start and its future success and in the state of Illinois, we need your parents' voices at the state level to better help us all see a bright and vibrant future for our kids, families, and Head Start community. If you can help find a single parent in your programs who might be interested in the Parent Ambassador program, we will take it from there, once their application is submitted. We will teach them about government affairs, unlocking their story, and how to cultivate and grow their own resume of accomplishments within their work for Head Start. We need your help in finding the people, so we can train and grow them to be the passionate advocates for this program that we all love. Thank you.  


Kyle Hubert 
Parent Ambassador Program Manager
[IHSA plans to recruit much sooner for the next program (2023-2024), so keep this wonderful program in mind and be on the lookout for more parent leaders in your area! We will launch another recruiting campaign at some point later this year. 
[Meanwhile, take a peek here at details and application from earlier this year.  Click on the graphic below to meet Kyle!]   
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