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Parent Ambassadorship Program

Calling all Parents - apply asap! Deadline is now extended!
Let Parents know about our 2023-2024 PARENT AMBASSADORSHIP PROGRAM -
Visit this link for the details about these wonderful opportunities and for the application. 
See more below.  
IHSA seeks eight or ten interested Parents who want to develop their resume while learning and engaging in uplifting experiences. Carefully review the application and requirements here and then apply today! 

Click this link to meet Kyle and hear his important message.  For questions reach our IHSA Parent Ambassador Manager Kyle Hubert -  

Hello to my fellow Head Start Colleagues. My name is Kyle Hubert and I'm the current Parent Ambassador Program Manager, and a former Head Start Parent. NOW more than ever we need your help in finding and securing a robust cohort of passionate parents who want to get their voices heard and have something to say, as it relates to Head Start and their children. Parents are a crucial component to Head Start and its future success and in the state of Illinois, we need your parents' voices at the state level to better help us all see a bright and vibrant future for our kids, families, and Head Start community. If you can help find a single parent in your programs who might be interested in the Parent Ambassador program, we will take it from there, once their application is submitted. We will teach them about government affairs, unlocking their story, and how to cultivate and grow their own resume of accomplishments within their work for Head Start. We need your help in finding the people, so we can train and grow them to be the passionate advocates for this program that we all love. Thank you.  


Kyle Hubert 
Parent Ambassador Program Manager 

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