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Quality Enrichment Circles

Quality Enrichment Circles, known as QECs, is an IHSA signature event. QECs, sometimes referred to as communities of practice are a group of people who share a common concern or a passion for something they do and they want to learn how to do it better. Joining a QEC and connecting with colleagues is crucial. These meetings allow us to share ideas, insights, and strategies, fostering a common approach to our work. By collaborating and learning from each other, we can brainstorm solutions and improve our content areas together. Let's seize this opportunity to connect, support, and strengthen ourselves professionally.

The agenda for these QECs will be tailored to your needs, ensuring that you can address the specific areas and challenges that matter most to you. By participating in QECs, you not only gain valuable knowledge but also have the opportunity to shape the discussions and focus on what you need from the meeting.

Currently QECs meet THREE (3) times during the calendar year. QECs meet regionally in the Central, Chicago, and South with the exceptioin of HR/Fiscal and Site Managers.

  • Full registration includes all three (3) QEC meetings
  • Prorated fee available
  • Discount rate available for group registration
  • Lunch w/beverage included: Due to the timing of the QEC meeting, only lunch will be provided for in-person attendees.
  • All QEC meetings held from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm CST
  • HR & Fiscal meets virtually (all dates) - register with program/agency group to take advantage of the group discount
  • Site Managers meets virtually (all dates) - register with program/agency
  • Winter meetings meet virtually
  • **Central Region QECs has a hybrid option. Participation not limited to Central programs - participants from other regions welcome with this option


  • Member Registration Fee: $300.00 (in person) / $330.00 (virtual) **virtual option - available for Central QECs only**
  • Five or more registrations from the same Agency: $275.00 / $295.00 (virtual option - available for Central QECs only**)
  • Non Member Fee: $449.00

 Central QECs + HR/Fiscal / IHSA
 3435 Liberty Drive / Springfield

  Chicago QECs /EL Valor Carlos H. Cantu Center
  2434 S. Kildare / Chicago

  South QECs / Rend Lake College Marketplace
  321 Potomac Blvd / Mt. Vernon  / Room 344

About the QEC Content Areas

Disabilities, Mental Health, & Wellness

A QEC for individuals supporting all functionsdedicated to fostering support, education, and collaboration in the area of disabilities, mental health,and overall well-being of HS/EHS children and families, and staff. The Disabilities, Mental Health & Wellness QEC aims to create a community of individuals committed to sharing best practices, innovativeapproaches, and evidence-based strategies.

Health & Nutrition

The HS/EHS Health & Nutrition QEC is an exceptional opportunity for individuals who are involved in all aspects of health and nutrition to come together and collaborate. This community is made up of professionals who share their knowledge, strategies, expertise, and experiences to address challenges, discuss solutions, and work towards enhancing the quality of health and nutrition services provided in the HS/EHS programs.

Education & Coaching

Serves as a central hub for sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices to support the holistic development of children. The Education and Coaching QEC provides a platform for early childhood educators, coordinators, and coaches to engage in rich discussions, share innovative teaching techniques, evidence-based strategies, and effective coaching methods to address educational and coaching challenges.

EHS/Home Visiting

An opportunity for those who support Early Head Start and HomeVisiting functions. This includes individuals who work in center-based or home-based services, as well as those who provide education, health, nutrition, and family support. By participating in this event, you'll have the chance to engage with other EHS/HV professionals. You can listen and learn from one another, network, and establish a professional community.

Family Services & ERSEA

The Family Services & ERSEA QEC provides support for individuals involved in various functions of Family Services and ERSEA, which includes ensuring equitable access to high-quality early childhood education, services, and community resources. This includes helping families, providing parent education, healthcare referrals, and resource assistance, as well as assisting with recruitment, enrollment, and attendance. The platform offers an opportunity for colleagues to discuss and gain insights into how other agencies address Family Services and ERSEA challenges.

HR & Fiscal

An opportunity for individuals supporting all functions of HR & Fiscal, including but are not limited to: Recruitment, Safety, Fiscal Management, Employee Relations, Compensation and Benefits, Talent Development, Compliance, etc. Come together with fellow HR/Fiscal professionals to engage in a valuable opportunity for listening, learning, networking, and establishing a professional community that will enhance your agency's performance. The HR/Fiscal Quality Enrichment Circle offers a platform for robust discussions among colleagues, enabling you to gain insights into how other agencies tackle human resources and fiscal challenges.

Site Managers

For individuals supporting all functions of site managers, including but are not limited to: overseeing management of overall ECE program, site operationsmeet agency, federal, state and local requirements, including licensing, Head Start, accreditation,
contractual and other standards., etc. Come together with fellow HS/EHS Site Managers to engage in a valuable opportunity for listening, learning, networking, and establishing a professional community thatwill enhance your site performance. The Site Manager QEC offers a platform for rich discussions among colleagues, enabling you to gain insights into how others tackle program site challenges.